Family Restaurant War Transcription: Kirby raises a newborn called Baby Galbo; Baby must choose between Kirby and the evil, much larger Galbo monster. Sir Ebrum wants to present Lady Like with a ring, but Kirby accidentally loses it. Popon comes to town disguised as Chef Kawasaki’s mentor, Shiitake. After finding out that dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, King Dedede and Escargoon order a mad scientist from NME to create their own. It is Kirby’s one-year Anniversary of landing in Cappy Town, but Dedede orders a monster to destroy Kirby with fireworks.

No, I’m writing an essay about the citizens of Cappytown. Katazukerarenai Onna ” Japanese: An injured Knuckle Joe arrives after trying to defeat the revived Masher, who also came to defeat him. Kirby battles them while acquiring many abilities as well. Nightmare’s Huge Fortress Transcription: The second opening and ending themes, used from episode 72 onwards, are “Kirby! Popon comes to town disguised as Chef Kawasaki’s mentor, Shiitake.

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Later, the leader of the crows is turned into a monster, and returns to get revenge. Kirby Quiz Show Transcription: Fighter debutNeedle.

Whispy’s new flower friend, Lovely, is kidnapped by Dedede and transformed into a monster that Kirby must defeat. Meanwhile, Tiff learns about N. Katazukerarenai Onna ” Japanese: Kirby may be cute but when you’re not looking, he’ll scare the sheet off of you! King Dedede does not like the newcomer and does everything he can to eliminate Kirby.


It follows the adventures of the titular character Kirby subbdd he fights off monsters to his village’s well-being. Episore Ebrum wants to present Lady Like with a ring, but Kirby accidentally loses it. Escargoon swallows Erasem in his sleep and awakens to find that no one recognizes him anymore.

Noroi no Chokin Bako ” Japanese: When Mabel stars on Dedede’s latest program, her fortunes start coming true. Sirica comes down to Dream Land in her spaceship and attempts to steal Galaxia from Meta Knight in order to avenge her mother’s death by the hands of the great beast, Kirisakin.

Cappy Town pretends that Escargoon is King kaabio his mom visits; Dedede unleashes the Drifters to get even.

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The inhabitants of Dream Land become frightened when their livestock start to disappear. King Dedede and Tuff suffer from toothaches and have to see Dr. When the Cappies try to throw a party to show how much they appreciate Kirby, King Dedede thinks they’re trying to start a rebellion, so he trashes their party. Amon turns a mindless flock of sheep into a herd of wolves who seek revenge on all of Cappy Town. Sadly, though the dog was set to explode. Sword and Blade Transcription: That question was too hard.

Everyone is swarmed by scientific mosquitos after escaping Dedede’s treacherous amusement park – and their DNA samples are used to help the mad scientist create the ultimate dinosaurs.

Dedede’s monster is an imposter author of the Pappy Pottey book who transforms into the Broom King. Salesman has a new lunch spot, so King Dedede orders Chef Kawasaki to turn his restaurant into a sushi bar. Cappy Town has a new biker gang looking for a mysterious old biker named Steppenwolf. When Dedede and Kirby get fat from eating too much snacks, he hires a fitness instructor from N.


Knuckle Joe arrives in Dream Land and tries to avenge his father’s death from a star warrior, and Dedede frames an innocent Kirby; Kirby “mirrors” Joe to make him realize his monstrous ways, and Meta Knight tells Joe the truth about his father. Dedede uses the power of television to brainwash the villagers to turn against Kirby.

No, I’m writing an essay about the citizens of Cappytown. This episode is 8 minutes long and can only be viewed on 3DS. This page was last edited on 11 Februaryat Dedede commands a hesitant Meta Knight to challenge Kirby to a duel, but Meta Knight uses this duel to secretly instruct Kirby in swordsmanship, which Kirby uses to fight Bugzzy, Dedede’s latest monster.

Right Back at Ya! Moments later, a short pink Star Warrior named Kirby crashes his starship nearby.