Just tell us what you thought. Filmfreeway promises it wont force festivals into exclusivity, and will drop its prices later this week. Read on for the definitive unscientific list. I am at least 16 years of age. The awards ceremony was held at a swanky restaurant with wine and dinner buffet completely covered. Are there cash awards? I’ll submit to festivals or screenplay competitions just to get the feedback.

Navigating the film festival circuit can be tough, so here are a few simple tips to keep you on track. To add or edit a cover letter for an existing submission, go to submissions in the main menu, click on the submission, then click add cover letter or edit cover letter. They explore ideas, share experiences, …. Best film festival submission practices film festival hacks. Aspen Shortsfest is the best festival I’ve ever been too. Rules Please treat all users with respect and politeness. Nice should i submit a cover letter pictures how do i. Heartland International Film Festival presents a variety of awards to selected filmmakers.

Most film festivals don’t actually make money over here – they may receive public funding as cultural institutions, but it’s not like there were any returns in the end, after administrative cost and such.

When you submit your project to a film festival via YouTube or Vimeo send every project with its own link so withoutaboox can see if they viewed it. Last date for submissions: Film on the Rocks Yao Noi: Most investors I met will give you 5 pages to show them how this movie is gonna make money.

This is a place to learn from and share with professionals. If any, then usually just a rather small fee. Ok, so forgive my ignorance March 24 th Fee: First met these folks in Zanzibar, where they were scouting films and picked up an early version of The Creators my baby for their festival. Filmfreeway and withoutabox have settings that allow festival subusers judges access to anonymized scripts only, with no cover pages, no names, and no contact information of screenwriters.


Huge fest, and not surprisingly, everybody and their mom is covered works especially well for celebrity bodies and moms. Click here to upload more images optional. The rest, more than once. Hotel accommodation and flights provided for directors. Navigating the film festival circuit can be tough, so here are a few simple tips to keep you on track.

This year they even had most of the films on computers so you could watch the films you missed. Make a documentary with your smartphone! Soon as I make a film that can touch Between Us, I’m following your route!! This glitch was finally “fixed” in Augustbut may it live on in our hearts. I’m going to be digging for consistent complaints and compiling them so people can judge the evidence themselves; I’m not going to make a document that just says what is good or bad without explanation.

No Travel Videos or V-Log videos are allowed. Especially big A-festivals Cannes, Berlin etc have huge sponsors. Each spring Full …. What if the link was unlisted and thus no views are counted? See my poem for more perks: Curious to see if any of you guysgals put anything in the cover letter section when submitting your films on filmfreeway or withoutabox.

Just enter your info below and let’s get started! On the next page in the cart summary section, you may add a cover letter for your project. I’ll just keep telling myself this as my view counts are not nearly what my submission rate has been Submit a new link.

One of the few festivals who provide Airfare and Acco to Short as well as Feature filmmakers.

Call for Entries: Heartland Film Festival – Northwest Indiana Business Magazine

Thessaloniki International Film Festival: The way I envision it is someone can view the document and get a general feeling on how a festival treats applicants and accepted folks.

Films get attention galore at Filmfest Hamburg, based on ten permanent and many annually changing themes check the website for this year’s foci. Here are just a few:. Just tell me I wasn’t accepted. I’ll add them to the list as comments come in.


While filmmakers moan about feeling lost at this gigantic festival, if they choose to take care of you, they do it in style. Overall I was really impressed with their hospitality.

This entails a variety of tasks such as working with tools, painting, cleaning, unpacking, lifting, packing and inventory. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Are there other film subreddits? If you get an invite, the flights are on me I’m coming along baby.

Film Festival Corner – 3/10/17 – Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

On the personal side I couldn’t have been more impressed by the programmers and staff. However, we do suggest sending a cover letter explaining why youre interested in sharing your film with noff do you have some connection to new orleans.

Withoutabox or filmfreeway, a passwordprotected streaming url, or on dvd with ntsc or pal formatting please test before sending. Guides What camera should I buy? Get weekly documentary tips and other exclusive content to help you stay motivated and on track with your documentary. If they promise that all submissions are reviewed and they fail to deliver on that, you have a case for sure.

If submitting a film, trailer, or other creative content then you must add a submission statement explaining what you need help with or outlining your experiences on the set.

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The lounge is stellar! Then click on the link if you wtihoutabox to upload up to 3 more images. What if the viewer just pasted the link into a downloader and watched it offline?