Isabella falls in love with Suleyman and goes to the harem. Mahidevran aware that when Suleyman dies her son will become sultan and she persuades Mustafa to take steps to stop the attacks of his brothers. On a side note I am now addicted to Turkish tv and binge watched Nights. Mahidevran learns that Efsun is pregnant and persuades her to have an abortion but Mustafa stops her and sends Efsun to her chambers. Rikkie G March 27, at 5: Nigar is not happy.

Unknown November 4, at 3: This is driving me crazy having to go on YouTube trying to find the next series because Netflix is only purchasing one season when there are 3 or 4 seasons. At the point when individuals visits a city they never been there, a tension of seeing the young ladies around comes and if everything goes splendidly a sweet-heart sitting tight for that event. Does anyone know if this series can be purchased? Suleyman plans to use her in negotiations with the European rulers. She falls in love with Bali Beja who is responsible for the security of the imperial family. My mother said the same thing about not. Mustafa convinces Suleyman to send both of them to Endrin palace.

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Anonymous October 18, at 4: I don’t know if they will put them on. Hertzel Rahmani November 8, at 1: Kettots January 24, at Valide dies and Suleyman gives Mahidevran to manage a harem. This is driving me crazy having to go on YouTube trying to find the next series because Netflix is only purchasing one season when there are 3 or 4 seasons. She left the palace to recuperate. Anonymous April 18, at 2: If you haven’t seen it, go start watching it now. Harem El Sultan 2. November 8, at 9: Julieanne Mason November 30, at 8: She makes a scandal, so he decides to listen to her.


Anonymous November 4, at 6: Later helps her escape, but she is found by Ibrahim.

Selinda October 28, at 8: Mayuri Karnik August 21, at Sulyman calls Mustafa in his chambers but he refuses. Lilyanna Ruiz July 13, at 4: But on her wedding night she is surprised to see Ibrahim, who explains to her that it’s a deal between him and Matrkci and that she will be with him from now on.

Yes it’s is beyond frustrating there are only clips of episodes on YouTube Graf Graf May 15, at Yep, I will dive in the fun with you.

Request season 2 harin going to your account on Netflix, the help center, then down at the bottom chose “quick links” then “request movies or TV shows”. So i would watch just till everyone starts aging anf then just leave it there!!

Thank you again for writing this up. I want to purchase every episode It is an extremely good show.


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Sally Pisano October 22, at 5: Went to Suleymaniye chambers to tell him but gets a stroke before he fails to say anything. YouTube doesn’t have all of Season 2 or Season 3. Harem Sultan 2 Season 2 all Episodes. I was in awe with his love for Hatice Valide sends Daye to get rid of the baby.

I am you all in one pack. Need to request through your Netflix acct! June 24, at 4: Tiffany Oliver March 10, at