What do you think of Mizuki anyway? I’m looking forward to your match. I don’t know about that. During the field trip She’s incredibly cute, right? If you still love him after you have seen his shameful conduct, then we’ll lead you to the rooftop. You almost got busted.

Since you’ve made your decision. I can continue play soccer! I’ll return to America. You’ll have your eyes on us. But it doesn’t matter Dorm 3 contacted Nakatsu’s mother! You can harass me any way you want.

At certain time, we can be volleyball club. So it has been canceled.

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Nanba-senpai, what happened to you? No wonder I’m famous detective Nakatsu! He doesn’t have one! Since you know about Mizuki’s gender.

I’m gonna take you back even if you don’t want to! I have my suspicion long ago. I’m not qualified to say anything. Sano doesn’t have any feelings for you. What’s gonna happen to you? Even though Nakatsu is very good, but it’s not gonna be easy.


It’ll determine who will become the most popular “King of Hotties” this year. But if I give up now, I know I’ll regret it.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Episode 7~ English Sub HD

I’m sorry about the hanazakarii I acted earlier I’m going to practice soccer right now. Dorm 3 contacted Nakatsu’s mother! Don’t you go down too from exhaustion.

What we need for capture battle is physical strength. I felt I have the power to overcome anything. But even though Sano’s injury has fully mimitachi, he already shut off his heart and didn’t want to high jump again. Then I’m gonna yell out “It’s not sweet! King of Hotties Battle Yes, yes, yes! I’m not a chicken. Don’t make me laugh.

I’m gonna be alright. You still practice in this condition This is your school!

I’m gonna eat it. But turning pro is very unlikely.

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Hnaazakari go this way. Thank you for everything Clearly, the moment when you fell in love with Mizuki is But finally, everyone found out that I was a girl. Or are you not?


I, Ashiya Mizuki, dressed up as a boy for one main reason to transfer from America to this school full of hotties known as Ohsaka Gakuen.

Didn’t you see a forked road just now? This fly is very annoying. I brought you a blanket. It can’t be anything more than that.