I’ve been looking around everywhere for it. It really makes her character more interesting. I’ve gotten so used to my top three sites having everything that when they don’t I’m flabbergasted. LC April 13, at 5: Gap-dong may not necessarily be Tae-oh’s relative or father for that matter. Profiler Han explains that Gap-dong used a trademark knot when tying up his victims—a fact he purposely left out of the official reports to keep it from leaking out.

For such shows, I normally wait to watch the download version which takes few more days as it is excruciating to watch night scenes. Mu-yeom is shown to the graffiti and one look is enough to raise his hackles: Gap-Dong name cames from poop aka dong that was found at the crime scenes Was there no other method than this? Go over the traces Gap-dong left behind. Thanks for the recap Javabeans. Aw, does he have a habit of helping delinquents? But I think we can exclude Lee Joon in this case, I think he’s better in acting than singing er, rapping.

Ki-ri gulps, knowing this will take some doing, but he complies by going after that DNA sample by breaking into a locker and taking an electric razor from it. The boy runs to the scene and charges past the police tape, glaring for some reason at Detective Chul-gon.

Looking for something new last night, read the synopsis for this and found it subbed on: And yet another recap I would follow if you cong to recap it. Really want to watch this.

He admits to having the fleeting thought that Gap-dong was an ageless being, like a vampire or monster. He ignores her and walks by.

Those of you who wanted Dexterhowever, will probably be disappointed. I usually only download the series that I want for my personal collection. Tae-oh plays it off as a mistake Whoops, goodrrama basketball totally just slipped out of my hands but his presence has the bullies sitting up in tension. I haven’t heard of this site before, but the video quality was superb!


I remember seeing her in other drama. Love all the scenes with the dad in Reply and Reply Mu-yeom watches from the door, enraged but powerless. And then gzp collapses in pain. And Tae-oh will take over the role as a copycat psycho killer. Then as Mu-yeom walks toward the facility on the other side of the fence, Tae-oh takes note.

Mu-yeom wonders if Gap-dong has truly returned, and Profiler Han muses that the swiftness with which Chul-gon goodddama suggests that he believes so.

Most of all, what draws me in is the goosdrama intense acting of the leads, namely Yoon Sang-hyun and Sung Dong-il who are like bulls butting heads at every turn, practically spitting fire at each other in every scene. In the present day, Chul-gon is presented to his squad and welcomed back to Iltan.

Mu-yeom finds the bag of hair shavings… marked with his own name.


The serial killer is the subject of a lecture being given by a profiler who worked the original case. They wonder what lead Chul-gon could possibly have to prompt him back on the case. The two images of the character of Mary remind me xong the juxtaposition of the two contrasting images of Mary Magdalen in the Bible: Mu-yeom barges in late and gives a sarcastic salute to Chul-gon, the air immediately crackling with tension between them.

You should give it a try: Someone up above gave me the link to this site, but here is the direct ep epidode Maria close and whispers a warning about what her patients are really episoe. Go over the traces Gap-dong left behind. So glad this is being covered, please continue recapping this serious!


Mu-yeom returns to the station and looks over the old Gap-dong case with Profiler Han. I’ve read the recap for ep 2 and it also doesn’t seem to say anything further about the crazy stabber. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Gap-Dong name cames from poop aka dong that was found at the crime scenes The police chief deliberates, then issues his decision: Thanks for the recap and opinion, because now I don’t feel so apprehensive about watching it.

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A April 13, at 1: Mu-yeom confronts Chul-gon angrily for his stunt, but Chul-gon has no remorse about it. Try ondemandkorea for raw only. He will have transformed into something completely different than the face the world knows. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

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Just wondering could he really be Gapdong’s son? Soo many thriller’s out this year! A student wonders how a psychopath could suppress his urges for twenty years, since he has been inactive and uncaught for that long.