Katou’s suit then runs out of power. Kei-chan fires his weapon that sends the creature into space. Having barely survived the last mission, Kei is drawn back in a few weeks later. All the survivors arrive outside. Katou stands up to his aunt for beating his brother, and he and his brother move into a room Katou has been saving up for. He then begins to get annoyed at the rest of the team holding him in such high regard. Kishimoto spends some time with Kei, and after trying to leave, frantically asks him to keep her as a ‘pet’.

The alien rolls down the hill, and badly wounds Katou with his nails, angering Kei so much that he finds the suit makes him strong enough to beat him. She asks him if she could meet him on the way home to see her old home one last time, and Kei agrees. It then chases the other two and Kei jumps over a slope and finds the suit allows him to jump further and survive. The Buddhist priest tries to pray to stop the red statue, but it has no effect and easily crushes him. Additionally, the DVDs were compiled into box sets. The team attempt to shoot it, but their bullets have little effect.

This time the players are people who have all been either directly or indirectly episdoe in Kei’s life. He cries in fear to be transported along with them. Hojo tries to aim his gun at the boss but he flings him away against a wall.

Kei is jubilant, believing he has killed them all, until the boss emerges from the rubble and grabs Haruya.

Gantz 2nd Stage Episode 8 English Dub

The red statue grabs Kei with its other remaining hand spisode he jumps off the arm he just destroyed and tries to crush him in its hand.

Tetsu, testing out his gun he obtained from Gantz, sees that it works outside of the game too. One of the bikers, Kosuke, loses his temper and fires at him.

Kishimoto, with nowhere to go, is reduced to scavenging in McDonald’s. Katou loses his gun, then bear-hugs the alien underwater before its outer casing comes apart, revealing a giant bird. Ryuji dies, but the fate of Kei is left unknown. The headless alien, however, with a flick of its tail, pierces Katou in the heart, epidode him. He then proceeds to launch himself inside, killing it internally. It flies emg the air with him in its grip and tears his head off, which epusode at the feet of the survivors.


He then cuts off its limbs and finally its head, killing it. Katou’s lifestyle is revealed, with both his brother and him living with an abusive, uncharitable aunt. By using this site, you agree to the Terms episoed Use and Privacy Policy. Kei, Katou, and the girl go off on their own trying to find a way home. The team, invigorated by Kei’s victory, go after the red statue. With a quick glance at Kishimoto, he bantz somewhat unenthusiastically.

Kei Kurono goes to school the following day and we see his friends introduced. The two men who fled the temple earlier now attempt to attack the statue, but it easily kills them both. She asks him if she could meet him on the way home to see her old home one last time, and Kei agrees.

The four are heavily outnumbered by the rival gang, and are killed. All four are killed suddenly by a lorry driver asleep at the wheel, and we see a montage of all 13 players simultaneously transported to the room. Kei realizes to his horror that he has left his epissode behind. Nishi refuses to apologize for killing Kosuke despite his predicament, but Katou, reflecting upon the earlier deaths and his desire to return home, jumps into the fray to Nishi’s aid.

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They try to shoot at the feet of the hobo hunters to distract them eplsode the homeless man can get away, but Mirafuji starts shooting at random, not caring if he hits the men or statues. He does so before promptly running off, reasoning to him later that he had no choice.


Retrieved from ” https: The globe tells them to kill Suzuki-Seijin, a robotic-looking figure that they are told likes sweets and birds. Having barely survived the last mission, Kei is drawn back in a few weeks later. Muroto throws a knife he had epjsode holding on the floor, which Kei’s teacher grabs and cuts the face of Ryuki with. Kei fantasizes about sex with Kishimoto again, realising that he regrets what he said to her. Once they arrive at the scene, they find Hojo and Sadako dead, their torsos cut off from their bodies.

In a book shop, we are introduced to Hojo, an attractive young man who is apparently being stalked by a mysterious girl. The bird drops Kei, who shoots it on his way down, manages to blow its head off before falling onto a roof, and are the group is transported back a minute later. Thus, Nishi takes the points and finishes it. Because uttering Gantz’s name is forbidden outside of the game to anyone not involved in the game, Tetsu’s head explodes, just seconds after his wife phones to tell him she is finally breastfeeding.

One by one they die; Nozaki is shot and killed by Ryuji, and Furuta is killed with an explosive from Muroto.

Gantz episode english dubbed

The Black Epiaode suddenly starts playing a s radio exercise tune, interrupting Katou and the Yakuza fighting. Nishi says that anyone still alive can return home fully recovered. The red statue appears to be significantly more powerful than the green statue. The team attempt to shoot it, but their bullets have little effect. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat When he episods for food, she attempts to hit him, but he stops her arm and takes a stand against her.

The men take the guns but ignore the suits, except Kei who puts one on.