Anyone care to disagree? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Telling the story of Chen Zhen’s teacher Hou Yuanjia the character Jet Li plays also in Fearless , we see him as a young man who isn’t allowed to learn kung fu, but does it anyway thanks to a bespectacled tutor Yasuaki Kurata, from Fist of Legend, Legend of the Fist, Eastern Condors and more who is secretly researching Chinese kung fu for the Japanese, or something. Edit Cast Credited cast: Watch our trailer of trailers. Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow Share this Rating Title:

Heroes Among Heroes It usually goes from grief to anger and that’s about it maybe a little blind rage every so often. Posted September 4, The story is also good, although the end, with the entire national honor of China at stake, perhaps stretches credibility a bit. Beardy’s skill in mimicry dissolves into a performance that I would call one of his top three, a fluid combination of martial arts that is not purely kung-fu as he battles opponents of different styles and arts. Fok wants to learn martial arts against his father’s wishes.

A little too slapstick for my tastes.

The same story was told much better in Fist of Legendor even Fearless This is old school wireless fighting at its best, helmed by Hong Kong’s premiere martial arts choreographer, not to mention the yhen fighting skills of the great Ka-Yan Leung. Retrieved from ” https: We will be happy to hear your thoughts. I think Kurata gave this role the nobility and grace it deserved.


Legend of a Fighter

All recent searches will be deleted. Drunken Tai Chi This match however has a generation gap, like hys vs young gj. One of my favorites from him. Which storylines really get you going, themes such as patriotism, honour, revenge or needing mogie prove something else?

The second half seems less focused, but contains some awesome fighting. You get michael chan wai man five element ninjas, bruce li do i really need to name a movie. Posted August 22, Fong Yau as Sanaka Sr.

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I’ll make no bones about it, this is my favorite kung-fu movie right now. Was gonna get it but I dont have a vhs player here. Audible Download Audio Books. The legendary fok is a hong kong television series loosely based on the life of the chinese martial artist huo yuanjia cantonese.

The first half shows the usual good-for-nothing son of a kung-fu grandmaster being harassed and stuff because he doesn’t know how to fight.

Two friends, ex Shaolin monks, part ways as they brush with the ongoing rebellion against the government. yuuen

Tiger Cage 2 Updated on May 14, Sanaka Senior Fung Fung It really transcends a lot of typical kung-fu cliches by instilling the story into a family drama, with a father surrogate in the form of Yuen Gap’s teacher. Watch our trailer of trailers.


An ex-cop and divorce lawyer team up with a gangster to clear their names after getting involved in a dirty money scheme led by a vicious money launderer, who plans to expand his business and wipe out anyone gwp stands in his way. Ina Chinese martial artist returns to Shanghai to find his teacher dead and his school harassed by the Japanese. Legend of a fighter is a hong kong martial arts film based on the story of chinese martial artist huo yuanjia cantonese. Glen Stanway April 24, MoviesReviews.

He observes his father teaching his students martial arts during the day and secretly practices at night with Kong. Sign In Sign Up. But Kong secretly learns the Fok family’s style of martial arts, mizongyi.

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Kung-fu Kingdom KFK is a team of dedicated martial arts enthusiasts. The Miracle Fighters It usually goes from grief to anger fo that’s about it maybe a little blind rage every so often. Season 1 We will be happy to hear your thoughts Leave a reply Cancel reply.