It was overseas, yeah. I think it was at St Martins, and I do remember that I had a green velvet dress that my mother had made, and that was an occasion to wear it. And that was much more about me stepping into my own world, my own life, and saying this is who I am. Do you find it harder to write for screen? Click Here for Booking Details. In that beautiful big view of glass light, I just feel fabulous in there. And then, when I saw some of the rushes, I thought that this was in the need of a road accident! So, it is probably untrue that the plays have no bearing on my life.

The underlying issue is not clear-cut and you are likely to change your mind, as do the play characters several times as various facts are revealed. This is interesting and challenging and always makes for a much richer work. I was sick of those girls, I had lived with them for so long. Another thing I have learnt… There are so many things about the craft of the thing. So at what point did Hotel Sorrento start to take shape in your mind? Do you remember the play you wrote? No, although she did write a lot. And that is what everyone should have because that is when you do your learning, watching it in performance and having some time to think and rework it.

And I trained as an actor for three years. Pages of doing stuff to do with mice and… Nic: So I was just in the country recently in Echuca in this fabulous old bookshop and I thought, if only he was 11 again. I remember in the beginning that audiences had this kind of obligatory responsibility — an obligation, rather — to see Australian work.

It was the first play in the Merlin Theatre at the Malthouse. So you are talking about Tennessee Williams?

by Hannie Rayson

There is not that much difference is there, really? As an example, before there was a period where Pauline Hanson became, before her first rise to frame, and I wondered how and why this woman was having such a cache, what people saw in her. How are you with reviews?


If you would like to be involved please contact us. At the time that was one of the best books I had ever read. There is so much there now about how you deal with step families. You live for those times. Even with your closest girlfriends there is still some other little veil of restraint.

And then, when I saw some of the rushes, I thought that this was in the need of a road accident! It played at VCA, and then it went on a little tour. While you were writing it did you feel you were writing something special? You always want a reaction. It was fapling beautiful design, I was so impressed.

The number one choice is new Australian plays.

And on one occasion I remember I had my son, who came with me once or twice, I remember trying to get my boy and my husband to come with me hannid the Australian Classic Pigeon Fanciers event. So that often happens.

Was it overseas or when you came back? Is that something you still enjoy?

But I have written a memoir that I published — Text Publishing published — in And hanni you find it difficult doing the whole visual story telling? In she was nominated for the Melbourne Prize for Literature, a prize for a Victoria-based writer whose body of published or produced work has made an outstanding contribution to Australian literature and to cultural and intellectual life. But I think the most significant reading that was influential for me was when I was older and I discovered, through people like Helen Gardner, so the first David Williamson I went to — Jugglers Threethat was the play — these all added to a falilng significant sense that it was the first time that my own culture that I was part of was worthy of the subject for art.


I think basically you need to have an instinct for the theatre which you only get by being in it, working in it.


You can just read them and read them, and read them and love and enjoy them. Suzannah, Maggie and Janet have been colleagues and best friends for years. Extinction Publisher’s synopsis Extinction delves deep into the heart of our own morals, choices and tightly-held convictions.

When I was younger I would remember it for the hnanie night but now I have to go write it down.

It has some silos and an oval. And that is the one and only time I think I have ever written anything about a writer.

The magazine ralling preparing to print an article about Miriam Roth, a high-profile female medical researcher, who is conducting a trial of a drug for PMS. It was Hotel Sorrento that sort of propelled your career and really took off.

Hotel Sorrento – Reading Australia

Yeah I do all that. But their relationship is about to be severely challenged by husbands, lovers, children, work A wild, rainy night, a twist of fate and an injured tiger quoll bring together a passionate environmentalist and an unlikely Good Samaritan. So, I wrote a play about a man getting pregnant, and he was a postman.

Which was a small fortune. And every theatre is quite different so you have to pick the theatre you are dreaming about. We expected the show to run for about two weeks and it ran for six months.

I genuinely consulted people, and curiously, because I am a playwright through and through, I hear rather than see.