The mountain man carried only by Nawazuddin. The films deals with a guy who breaks the mountain to take revenge for his wife’s death. The movie started off solid in a serious tone. I was already a fan of Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s and meeting the expectations he again proved his skills and his talent. The director throws in topical political and social issues like caste system in Bihar, oppression by landlords, child marriages, emergency in India, rich poor divide but he is not able to follow through on these and connect it with the ongoing narrative. Faguniya dies after falling off the mountain and died, just because of not getting timely medical treatment. Upload Menus Upload menu files with. This story deserved a better film.

In-spite of the struggles, a man’s vision to foresee a future when others disowned him shunned him as insane. Nov 17, Aapke dil me bas apna ghar chahiye Ek sajda karun aisa dar chahiye Tere dil se hokar Gujarti hai jo Khubsurat si o ek dagar chahiye Mujhko t The movie is well directed,acted and delivered with a class. The excesses committed during of Emergency is also shown in the movie, with cops and the ruling class telling Dashrath he has chosen the wrong time to revolt against corrupt bureaucrats and threatening that they can simply put him in jail, without any proof. This is undoubtedly the kind of performance where you can say that Siddiqui deserves all the awards out there.

The dialog delivery is impeccable and does great justice to the writer who wrote them. It may have happened in real as it is based on a real story but from a movie perspective it was absolute rubbish in order to portray determination of the character.

Mountain man dhasrath manjhi.. – MANJHI – THE MOUNTAIN MAN Audience Review –

The other huge rocks he took 1 month each to develop cracks. Gujarte lamho me sadiyan talash karta hun Ye meri pyas hai ki nadiya talash krta hun Yahan to log ginate hai khubiyan apni Mai apne aap me k Plot was good and inspired by real life character Dashrath Manjhi who lost his wife in an accident while climbing the mountain to The bond that the duo develops during that short period can be clearly seen as the reason behind the year-long struggle Dashrath undertakes to ensure that no one else dies the way his wife did.


That’s why the high ratings. He find out permanen The whole project has been executed i a shoddy manner. An OTP has been send to your mobile. Newer Post Older Post Home. This film has lack of emotions and the intensity which it needed the most for this kind of script. Manjhi in your life, a man who never looked back, not once but not tired not inclined remained undefeated shows not ever not stop until he fagunlya to his destination he’s not the manjhi Mountain ManThe movie manjhi the mountain man is great movie every seen is very great we know wo is manjhi and Manjhi The Mountain Man is also one of the most touching and inspiring love stories in Bollywood.

Manjhi – The Mountain Man. His mental state, his fight with the elements- both internal and external and his quest for justice and equality to the villagers in the form if the road seems to get lost. Comments 1 Cancel reply Connect with:. The films deals with a guy who breaks the mountain to take revenge for his wife’s death. Aaiesta si zindgi, Abhi kayi karz chukana baki hai Kuch dard mitana baki hai, kuch farz nibhana baki hai Rafftar me tere chalne se kuch ruth There isn’t a single moment in the entire film where you can separate Siddiqui mahjhi Dashrath!

Some dialogues are heart warming and really touch your heart.

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The story holds you right faguniua the very end. But never, for once, it loses audience attention – full marks to the editing team for that. Bollywood should needs to seriously alter its approach towards non- fictional works, else, they end up in reducing heroes to some fairy tale stories, rather than concrete examples of success Have some respect for your work instead of kowtowing to please the hoi polloi.

Even when the film fails around him, he is able to make us feel the earnestness, desperation and resolve of Manjhi – The Mountain Man. Overall, the movie is a must watch.

Love scenes are well conceived so they justify the motive and strength behind an impossible task. The bad part first: She played the fxguniya of Phaguniya wonderfully. How socially insensitive we Indians are? It is a message oriented film that also appeals to masses. However, in Manjhi The Mountain Man, ignoring the small bloopers is quite easy.


Ketan Mehta seems to have fallen in love with the love story so much that it dominates the whole fabric of the movie. Mannhi spend some time and watch this movie to know our local hero ” Mr. With a spirited story and talented actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte, Mehta has ensured that the film is true to its hero. If you have decided to do something in your life, you can do it. Radhika Apte is getting better with each. The first half seems to be devoted to this overtly bollywoodish love story which seems jarringly out of place and moreover the motivation of the main character over the course of the movie moves from being love lost to some bollywood version of obsession – this is what hurts the movie the most.

The walk to Delhi which could have been done in a better way is shown within minutes which serves nothing to the film. Interact with movid author swetakaushal. Radhika Apte as Faguniya, is very good. Ketan MehtaThe front page of the daily news paper highlighted the movie – Will this be beneficial to Modi! Jan 30, In short, this movie is a must watch for those who actually crave for something different from Sheila and Munni. Most of the character artists goof up with the accent while mouthing the dialogues in the dialect spoken in the region.

The stage was set, a man against a mountain.

I would have loved some aerial shots and graphics for this sake. At one point of time, it reminded me of Prisoners which had a similar aura.

We’ll contact you shortly. And dasrath manjhi broke the mountain abkut 15 year. Certainly an award wining performance from him. We, just like Americans, like to celebrate our mediocrity loudly.