The first scene felt a bit stilted. Where Morse is a good detective Jakes is a good policeman. First, I love this reference series, Christopher. Characters created by Colin Dexter. Let me clarify … Until I turned on the subtitles I missed Boccardo syllogism — thinking I hear Mikado, and struggled with the connection. Retrieved 26 January

Strictly speaking a fugue is a form of counterpoint consisting of two or more voices, where one voice announces what is known as a subject and then, other voices enter in turn with the subject at a different level. First, I love this reference series, Christopher. At just over 54 minutes Endeavour makes his way to investigate who has requested the score for the Snow Maiden by Rimsky-Korsakov. First location is that of Dr. As I have said many times in the past, my reviews are just my opinion. Disheartened by this, Morse speculates to Monica about leaving the police and going abroad with her. But Detective Constable Endeavour Morse uncovers an underlying method to the madness; the elaborate staging of the crimes suggests that the killer shares Endeavour’s passion for opera.

Thursday shows frequent signs of outbursts against suspects unwilling to co-operate during the investigations, and even uses violence as a way of extracting information. Retrieved 7 April The victim is Grace Madison, found dead by her niece, Faye.

Jakes is skeptical and disdainful of Endeavour’s discovery, but they are interrupted by news of another death. Retrieved 26 January Inspector Morse episodes Lewis episodes Endeavour characters episodes.

Noting that the series received upwards of 6.

Thank you so much for all the time and care you take to write and research these articles. Morse is sent to a rendezvous where he is ambushed by corrupt ehdeavour and Thursday is lured to Blenheim Vale, a derelict former wayward boys home, where there was rampant sexual and physical abuse of which Jakes was a victim. Endeavour is a British television detective drama series. However, I admit I was surprised you neglected to mention this tidbit in your review Chris.


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Endeavour realizes “Keith Miller” is an anagram for “I’m the killer. It starred Shaun Evans as the eponymous police detective in enfeavour early career. Even Bright in the more recent episodes has become a less astringent character.

Yes No Report this. Retrieved 28 January The Cowley police station has its future in question along with some of the key members of the team there. At four minutes Roy Adamson, the builder, pulls out a bottle of after shave from morsr drawer.

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Cronyn, a psychiatrist who specializes in the study of these kinds of deranged murderers. At the same time, P.

We’ll know when it airs if there’s an audience for it and if we feel there’s another place to take these characters. All of the Oxford location photos are an added bonus. During the pilot episode, he tenders his resignation but his endeavoug, veteran Detective Inspector Fred Thursday Roger Allamthe “guv” at the Endeavojr City Police’s CID, sees in him an unblemished detective whom he can trust and takes him under his wing to be his new ” bag man ” meaning assistant, replacing a corrupt Detective Sergeant.

Later he claims he ‘thinks better’ over a pint. Inspector Morse by Colin Dexter.

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I hope you continue to find other things of interest here. Another clue, in the form of a logic puzzle called a “Bocardo syllogism”, surfaces. I am also trying to understand why the doctor rented a room to only blast out classical music but never actually live there.


Use the HTML below. In FebruaryITV announced that a fourth series of Endeavour had been commissioned, which Roger Allam confirmed to the Oxford Mail[17] with filming to begin in late spring I also find the association between being a murdering psycho and some sort of a forensic genius who can outsmart the police quite unbelievable and it seems to be based mainly on popular culture rather than reality.

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Endeavour realizes that Bocardo is the name of the prison where martyrs were held before being burned. Full Cast and Crew.

In Endeavour he starts out being entirely abstinent, but he develops a taste after being given a pint by Inspector Thursday. Deare is about to kill Morse when he is shot dead by a girl who had also been abused at Blenheim Vale, who then kills herself. I think this one is really good. Daniel Cronyn Lex Shrapnel A third murder at the killer’s apparent hide-out reveals a press cutting that suggests that Morse is one of several victims that have been lined up.