The reason he was so confident was because he had planted his men among the guards. Also by refusing to speak of her, he is trying to let the memory of her die, because speaking about her would have the same effect as studying. Yoo would be beheaded if he reached Goryeo. Dont forget that baek hun tried to kill him when he was still a prince, just to gain the trust from yeon chul. Feeling that Wang Yu led her on romantically, Tanasiri decides to kill him too. Judging by his expression, at the moment he looked away, you could tell he could relate to how she felt. Wish the writer send SN back to king king and people instead, cuz the Yuan king so childish not trust worthy to be king. Can that stupid taw-han not see that everything lady ki is doing is for him!!

Together with some imperial guards, Tanasiri attacks SeungNyang. Jeokho reported that the leader were different people. When wang yu found out about his son, he just found out, and it made viewers assumed that probably behind the scene eunuch bang and jeokho told him how it happened. Baek Ahn was locked in the prison but he received a visitor that was Ta-hwan. He was angry and started to throw tantrums and a flower vase but Seung-nyang entered the chamber, saving the day and another vase. Skip to content What is wrong and what is right? She was already planning something on her mind since she told Bi-soo to wait for her letter as she wanted her to do something. They were shocked to find out that Golta was the leader of the group and he gave them two options since they had seen his face:

Yoo fought him off and Seung-nyang managed to shoot two more arrows before Yoo made a finishing strike on his back. They suspected that both of them might had escaped alive.


Lady Ki insisted that he had to take a look at those petitions himself but Ta-hwan was set on entrusting Baek Ahn with his seal for the matter. Yeon-hwa went back to the palace and told the Empress that she had made her preparations to live outside the palace.

Taltal directed his gaze at Seung-nyang and the next thing we know, it was Seung-nyang who went to see Yoo. Baek Ahn was looking intently at a map when Taltal went to meet him.

I am really disappointed that there are only 2 episodes left and SN will be Empress in one of those episodes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address talknig not be published.

Also, when Togon met Lady Soh, he commanded Kolta and the guards to stay away so that they would not be able to hear their conversation. She challenged him to kill himself if he wanted to save the country instead of trying ckpboard kill her, but Baek Ahn had enough epjsode her rambles and raised his sword.

Both of them seemed to realize that Yuan was on the verge of being defeated and Taltal advised her to retreat to the North should he failed to return after the battle. There is just few episodes left and so many things to be resolved Are we people of Goryeo. Before the Dowager could leave her quarters, Seung-nyang went to find her first knowing that she would try to help Baek Ahn.

This drama had so talikng potential. How does one know when another person will die?

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Seung-nyang asked why and he gathered his courage to tell her the truth, that Maha was her son, Byul. Taltal was out dealing with Goryeo merchants on the street?

Of course those two would choose cuboard latter. Hence, you have to be stronger.


“Empress Ki” Week 18 – Oolala Happens

Seung-nyang accepted it about time, my lady! Saw this soompi taking They use the drugs excuse. Ifshe turned out to be wrong, Seung-nyang promised to shave her hair and live the rest of her life at a temple. Thanks for the recap! He vowed to kill everyone who knew about the secret, and that included Wang Yoo. His plan was working smoothly, but he found out that Seung-nyang had been sent away from the palace to the temple.

Empress Ki: Eps 48-49

Notify me of new comments via email. Ta-hwan appeared and told Yoo that he needed to die.

Hello to all Rizalians! She is the only one who he can trust.

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Seung-nyang was on her way to her quarters when Taltal approached her, limping and injured from the fight. His visitor was Lady Ki, who checked whether his fever had went down. Taltal was there to see him and Golta was about to send him away, but Ta-hwan gave him the permission to enter his chamber.

The Emperor and the Chancellor. Suri told Yoo that Bi-soo had loved him and Yoo recalled the conversation he had with her before: What interested me was the reactions, every person in that room looked surprised except for a few Dowager, Gol-ta who looked proud.

It was all due to my lacking. Bi-soo and Jeombakyi brought Yoo away but poor Yoo tumbled down the hill again.