Member feedback about Adrian Alandy: Isabel told him that she was just defending herself. List of Dyesebel TV series episodes. The story ends with Dyesebel running to Fredo in the shore, and Lucia showing them their baby daughter, Alona. Dyesebel found the boy on an island where he was alone and crying for help. Erebus emerges from the sea BUT! Alfred Vargas topic Alfred Vargas born October 24, is a Filipino public servant, actor and model. But despite the danger, Fredo tries to see the burial ceremony.

No one knew about the fight other than us. She told him that she wants to earn money that is why she is doing this. When Audrey King and her family goes to Tagaytay for a visit, she falls from a set of high stairs. And the luck is by my side tonight Aaah, it is me who thanks you At a town near by the sea, Lucia and her father, Fabian, lives peacefully protecting the ocean. She sees Pinky the squid and Carlo the seahorse on the water, and they are happy to accompany her.

Lucia feels something is in Dyesebel that makes it comfortable to be with her. Her other critically lauded roles were in the films Baler and In Your Eyes Member feedback about Vaness del Moral: Directed by Wenn V. Providing that you must everything about the boy that you are extending your hand out to, right? Soon, the news will reach Queen Dyangga and Dyesebel is doomed.

Dyesebel (2008 TV series)

She asked if there is anything wrong but she just denied it and continued crying. But this subject is not finished here.

Because of frustrations, Betty finds a way to get rid of Dyesebel. Unbeknownst to them, their love story started 20 years earlier between Amor de Jesus and Eduardo Buenavista. Usaro convinces Erebos ryesebel side with Reyna Dyangga.


We call it art! Banak is unfortunate to be kidnapped by Kanor who is planning to sell her. After meeting each other, Fredo and Dyesebel became friends. Dyesebel is saddened she discovers that the boy was no longer there. The series debuted on January 28, to April 25, replacing Ysabella, as part of the network’s Primetime Bida dhesebel. So it will never happen that there is another Dyesebel because she is Dyesebel.

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The same has reminded her of a young mermaid whom he met many years ago as a child. On the other hand, Liro is proud to announce his love for Dyesebel. He starts asking permission from Banak as a sign of his respect and expression of his clear intentions.

Lucia gives birth to a healthy baby girl with two legs and calls her “Beatriz” after her late mother. Betty feels that Fredo is hiding something about Dyesebel, and she is very determined to find that secret and reveal it to everyone. Dyesebel gets a taste of man’s cruelty. The merfolks of the Kingdom have to hear from Dyesebel herself why she was seen hugging the statue of Prinsipe Tino whom they considered as a traitor to their land.

Liro has thought of this so that Dyesebel will not know her real mother. She cannot accept the fact that she has now an elder sister. Banak takes the role as the mother of Dyesebel.

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Dyesebel has been told that her biological mother is alive. While Dyesebel being nice towards Prinsesa Coralia, the latter continues to plot against her servant.

Something she believes is both an opportunity to get rid of the estranged mermaid and to destroy the lives of humans. What is important is that even though Fredo will not fully trust her that she is Dyesebel, he will not trust Cassandra too much and instead put her dyesebek doubt.


Fredo already admitted that he loves Dyesebel and Betty was there to witness it. She started her showbiz career through the interactive reality television show, StarStruck.

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He has since appeared in several soap operas and has started to become a household name and a recognizable matinee idol. She then hurries home under the ocean and gets scolded by Banak who told her not to go back to the human world.

Dalyan’s office, Mahir sumary the office… D: When she gets to the hospital and is asked by the witnesses and her family who saved her, she says it’s David Garcia Jr. Let us find out the basis of this matter before cutting him out. On the other hand, Fredo was distracted during his basketball game after seeing Dyesebel again.

He took his first teleserye role as Glenn in the series Anna Liza. He already has everything and would have been a King but now he is imprisoned. Now, the entire plan is working. That night, Badong and the dynamite fishermen attack Lucia’s family which leads to Tino’s death. When a dynamite accidentally explodes at the height of the exchange, sending Lucia and her father plunging into the seawater, Prinsipe Tino decides to save them both by bringing them to the shore.