He also sees a suspicious person holding a cake. Meanwhile, Rian is moping by herself in her room, thinking that none of her friends remember her birthday. I feel like Dream High 2 pretty much encapsulates the Korean concept of mi-woon jung , aka hate-affection. Rian denies it and as the two chatter, Seul gets sick of it and asks Rian to go look for Hye Sung so Soon Dong will stop talking. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Gah, DH2, why did I even bother? JB walks in looking for Rian, and tells Hye Sung to tell Rian to come to the practice room when she gets back.

I’d take DH1 over this one any day, no matter how catty the other one was. Notify me of new posts via email. Thanks for the review JB. One huge failing was the character of Hae-sung, who should have been the one we rooted for whole-heartedly to overcome her mediocrity and find her talent. Rian denies it and as the two chatter, Seul gets sick of it and asks Rian to go look for Hye Sung so Soon Dong will stop talking. Back at the dorm, Hye Sung opens another box of apples with her dad, which contains a note saying to share them with her friends. They kept hinting to things that just never materialized.

I think “Dream High” is a really fun drama to watch.

Overall, I enjoyed the series. Dream High 2 Trailer: Nana makes an excuse that Si Woo just offered to take her out for a ride because she felt stuffy, but JB sees right through it. I think the main reason this was such a letdown is well the existence of season 1 as well this is what I and probably most people expected from season 1 a piece of moldy stale bread, but instead what we got from season 1 was a multiscoop ice cream cone proving that it is possible to make an idol based show that is not made for re-fried zombies but yay for the production team and giving us our stale moldy bread in season 2, I hope they make a 3rd season and redeem themselves, but as for actual thoughts on season 2 the only reason to watch is the Nana love triangle as everyone else is boring and or annoying especially the main love square.


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Or when it did, it was more like she placed it gently on the ground, rather than dropped it. Consider me now actually emotionally invested in what happens to these characters. Here, it has no such meaning.

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She admits she wronged Rian and if she can forgive her as a friend. Suzy bae did end up with kim soo hyun in season 1 although I sorta wanted her to be with OK teac yeon??? This is one of the only satisfactory resolutions, both romantic and otherwise, because while their cute little loveline never occupied much screentime, it was one that made sense. She holds a fake press conference to announce her leaving the school, even going so far as to pretend to be a reporter and interviews herself.

Is Dream high a good drama to watch?

With the romance angle, JB admits he likes Hae-sung, and they start dating. Its a shame cause Kang Sora can act well, but they gave her such a weak character that she didn’t have a dramlaoad to make shine. I mean, what was his purpose? You are commenting using your WordPress. Medical university in south korea? Cast – Dream High 2. And what was drmaaload with no kissing whatsoever. We clearly know that she have a talent in composing then he became a musical director?!

Just a bit of clarification: Plus, at this point Shi-woo is back and cheerful and adorable, having magically cured his womanizing, street-fighting, troublemaking ways.

[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 7 | K-POP! rage

Its like there was no clear OTP whatsoever for you to really root for as well. Is Dream High 2 as good as Dream High? It doesn’t make sense that all their dream are crush at the end. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Drama Recap aileedramadream highdream high 2jin woojiyeonjypkang sorarecap. Except it almost never did.


Seul is apparently back in the room already and tells him that Hye Sung left last night because of Rian. The thing is, the raw, in-the-moment version is often much more moving anyway. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Hong Joo is convinced that Nana likes him because she pinched his cheek and said he was cute, but Ui Bong points out that she does that to everyone, including Si Woo earlier.

All I kept waiting for in the drama was for Jin-woon and So-ra to get together. And I curse those posters for making me think they were gonna nigh the OTP. After i read the recap for the final ep, i didn’t have any patience or sympathy left for the show. Thanks for the series wrap-up!

After a happy JYP leaves, thinking that his plan to save his job might work, President Lee turns to Producer Shin and says he only agreed because he figured the Yoo Jin was the leader of the band. He pretty much was the only bright spot in the drama for me.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Even though I wanted to recap this I really do, y’know Apparently my love for 2AM is never going to be enough to put me through the drama. Like you said before, you could tell the writers became lazy.

It was very beautiful.