I would be SO on board that ship if it weren’t for how laaaaazy he can be. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I think he did those joking, half-meaning, not so serious and forgiving as in tolerating “wifey” being out with another man or peeking at past boyfriend’s blog Could not get enough of Chi-soo, Eun-bin and Kang-hyuk, their stories, feelings and songs But then again, if it came down to it which one would you girls choose? She can only go wherever it takes her, like the eponymous streetcar. Thanks for the recap.

Love Ba Wool who is just as innocent as the rest of the bunch. Chi-Soo has the clumsy,dorky moves followed by the unexpected heat. And how awesome was the chemistry in that interrupted kiss scene? Episode 12 by LollyPip. But let’s go back to Eun Bi now. His technique reminds me of Lee Min Ho – lots of open-mouth kissing. Am I the only one that thinks that CS reacted more when the Chef said he doen’t have a mom’s scent.. One couple has been around longer, but that doesn’t make them any more mature than the younger couple.

Thanks JB for posting this recap so fast. She’s the silly, immature one and he’s the mature one in that relationship. November 28, at 4: This song is already no longer a song, so what can I do about that?

I believe they’re 19 and Teaching is considered to be the noblest profession. Elina November 23, at 6: In the beginning, they did get a lot of hate for the age range though Do I read the recap or wait for the subs!!!


But their poignant moment is harshly interrupted by… another woman? He’s so slow with everything. Cracktastic things I loved this ep: Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: She went out to date with you, she is giving you access for her.

Inside is an… engagement ring? XD Maybe it’s just because I started watching kdramas in dhop early 20es, and now that I’m sadly very, very near to the big 3 I start to see things differently!

Another week of waiting. It’s so funny you mentioned What’s Up Fox because that was the drama that came to mind most for me.

Eun-bi melts, while Chi-soo has a meltdown. He smiles smugly now, concluding that his preoccupation is purely because Eun-bi was the first person to ever insult him. We’re allowed to enjoy it because it ain’t real. I agree that Cha Chi Soo’s actions make sense to me because he’s just so young.

Hope the drwmacrazy continues to entertain Biscuit Teacher is ah-mazing. I thought I forgot too. I’m dying right now. DMKO November 30, at 8: So he heads to the music store to ask the clerk for help tracking it down, giving us our Gong Hyo-jin cameo.

To see Chi-soo grow and turn into a real human being with real human emotions. Eun Bi–I love her innocent yet tough exterior He reminds her of their terms — that he gets to see her anytime, anywhere, as much as he wants. Your email address will not be published. Because poop is… my precious memories.


I know I say this every time, but Best. Come ‘ere Kang-Hyuk-ahhh, you can solace in my arms!! But it is, and she blinks nervously.

Hyun-woo denies it, of course. Nobody is in love because how could they be?

Flower boy ramyun shop episode 2 english sub

I’m sure there are more. Would be interesting though! Also, their ages aren’t that far from one another. Aigoo, the gorgeous prince Chi Soo!

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 9 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Next Monday and Tuesday come faster! Your razor sharp description and humor does amazing justice to the dramas, showcasing them in their best light.

I draamacrazy this episode earlier raw and eagerly waited for your recap LOL xD. Dramafever November 29, at 9: And the first almost-kiss scene with Mr. He extends his, flowre she puts the ring in his hand. They do such a good job with timing for both the comical and moving scenes.

The song metaphor works in a number of ways in this episode, to highlight how a song can be exclusive and meaningful to two people who share a romantic past, or universal in how it reminds many people of loved ones, and connects them to one another.