Jeremie has perfected his “teleportation” process, allowing him to send his four best friends to the location of XANA’s supercomputer in the real world to destroy it. After being virtualized, a virus infection occurs on Lyoko because XANA sabotages the devirtualization program, meaning if the group is devirtualized, they will permanently vanish. Upon its discovery, XANA takes action, possessing Jeremie, to ensure they’ll never be able to read it. Sophie Decroisette, Bruno Regeste With the end of the year school dance approaching, the gang sets out on a final mission to retrieve a vital component needed to cure Aelita. The prank is being set and Sissi opens a shed which happens to be Kiwi Odd’s dog in there and jump on Sissy. While the elevator is halfway filled, Ulrich promises to Sissi that if they make it out alive, he would be nicer to her. Jeremie places the hair in the scanner, virtualizes it to Lyoko, and Aelita is inside the tower she deactivated. While in Sector 5, Ulrich and Odd get devirtualized, but do not appear in the real world, so Yumi sneaks out of the house to go to Lyoko and rescue Aelita from the Scyphozoa while Jeremie searches for a way to recover Odd and Ulrich.

Sissi decides to make herself “editor-in-chief” of Kadic News, much to Milly and Tamiya’s dismay. Now Yumi is stranded in Lyoko as the gang races against time to find a way to bring her back before X. Bruno Regeste Jeremie is now taking his “Materalize Aelita! Meanwhile, Jeremie and Ulrich are left to deal with the ghost. Jeremie stays behind to help Jim while the others repel the attack. The following seasons have their episodes numbered, and are ordered by that number. Aelita is able to deactivate the tower and Yumi claims that one day they will bring William home. Seing is beliving

Saint Valentin day’s XANA’s new beat is the cause, and he can broadcast it anywhere. Ulrich does not clearly state this, but it is believed that he is devirtualized by a Megatank. Ulrich agrees on one month and kisses her as a down payment.

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About the series – French title: This episode proves that Ulrich is not as comfortable as being just good friends with Yumi as he says he is. As Brynja has not been told anything about the purpose of the supercomputer, nor does it appear that she even cared in the first place, they have no need to perform a return trip to the past before she leaves. Meanwhile, the strange events become a consistent problem when an electric orb begins hunting Jeremie and his friends. Yumi turns him down, but Ulrich leaves before hearing it.


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Krabes 2 ; the Scyphozoa – Episode is rich in love-related confusion. Is it for Yumi? Furthermore, their arguing inadvertently leads Nicolas and Herve into the factory, where Jeremie is forced to distract them while the group explores the Lyoko copy, which consists entirely of the Forest Sector. Jeremie is working on the materialization valenfin, and accidentally Odd finds it, but it can lyojo used only one time. Odd stops her, but ends up being caught by Jim.

After discovering Sector 5, the group decides to explore it. Meanwhile, XANA gains possession of a pack of rats, using them to attack the flow of power in the city as well as his earthbound enemies… As Jeremy is perfecting his materialization saiwon for Aelita, Yumi, Ulrich and Odd are making preparations for her arrival. In class, Susan teaches the class about nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, and its effects.

Meanwhile, Aelita’s necklace takes control of her and forces her to deliver herself to the Scyphozoa.

This becomes all the more problematic when William catches Aelita alone on Lyoko. Quest for Infinity Code Lyoko: After downloading the necessary data and disabling William, everything seems to be set for destroying the Replika. After his escape, Franz Hopper revives Aelita and Lyoko, restoring all of Aelita’s memories in the process, but at the price of Franz Hopper remaining permanently trapped inside the supercomputer.

But is Jeremie willing to allow Aelita to be deleted in order to save his friends? During this test, the navigation system bugs up, leaving the gang stranded in the digital sea. Additionally, Ulrich meets the mysterious but beautiful Yumi who beats him in a duel; much to his shock. Odd and Aelita refuse to work together when they first arrive, but eventually resolve their differences and take William down.

Sissi, meanwhile, plants a tracking device on Ulrich in order to discover their secret. Maya who discovers her real name of Aelita when shutting down the tower suggests they shut down the supercomputer, but the group decides to help Jeremie until Aelita is successfully materialized into the real world.

To this end, he uses the Scyphozoa to possess Aelita and enter Code: Are you absolutely sure about that?

With everyone except Aelita angry at him, Jeremie calls his father and asks to be withdrawn from Kadic in favor of a school for gifted students — but after he hangs up, while pondering his dilemma, he realizes that there is something inherently wrong with Franz’s explanation. Jeremie, meanwhile, has located the next Lyoko copy, a Carthage Replika. Laurent Turner To keep an eye out for X.


With the arrival of the mysterious Oyoko Hopper, everything that the gang thought they knew about Lyoko is thrown out the window.

Yumi is forced to go to Lyoko alone. When the gang learns that X. He scolded Odd, and he ended up getting out.

Due to his injured ankle Jeremy has no choice but to reveal the existance of Lyoko to Jim so he can get to the warehouse. Once Jeremie finds out, he activates a return to the past with strong hope for Yumi’s life. However, just before takeoff, XANA possesses the jet and sends it to destroy the factory and kill Jeremie by forcing it to crash. Of course, Odd jumps into action, and says that he has the DJ Disk-Jockey problem all solved, they weren’t going to listen to Sissy’s music.

While they muse over their fond attachments to Lyoko, Sissi finds her way into the computer lab, and Jeremie’s open video diary reveals the whole of their adventures.

Meanwhile, Yumi forgives Ulrich for the picture, and Odd admits to his deception soon after. He delivers Aelita to Lyoko, where the Scyphozoa is waiting for her. Seeing this as a grave threat, X. Odd finally escapes and goes to Aelita’s rescue, and they stop the attack just before the trains collide. Jeremie learns epiode his first test damaged Aelita’s program, and she’ll be deleted if she tries to deactivate a tower.

In order to compensate for William, who is still under XANA’s control, Jeremie sets to work designing brand-new virtual attire and digital “enhanced” weaponry and abilities for his friends and recreating the rest of Lyoko.

After a malfunction and a little bug with the regular materialization program, Odd and Yumi are bugged up, ending up zaint each other’s bodies.

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XANA has trapped them in a world of its own design, which is fashioned after the school to ease their suspicions. Odd and Yumi are able to prevent the nurse from doing so. Jeremie concludes that this is XANA’s new strategy and that they must be very careful.

While the elevator is halfway filled, Ulrich promises to Sissi that if they make it out alive, he would be nicer to her.