On your left, at the bottom of the street which crosses the Boulevard, you can see one of the wings of the railroad Sta- tion Saint-Lazare, the converging point of all the trains run- ning through the western part of France. A scientific supplement, under the title of the Revue Rose, s a valuable addition. Once this done, wait for the custom-house officer whom the porter is seeking. Agent, 28 Chapel St. In the centre of the garden, at the music stand, very good music is played every afternoon. Paris, one year, 50 frs.

Bouleyard Haussmann We are now entering the Boulevard Haussmann, which retains some of the characteristics of Friedland Avenue, of which it is a kind of an extension. When the number of guests exceeds the seating capacity, two dinners are successively served. Octave Feuillet ; Mcmoires de Chenelong, in which are recounted the negociations with the Count de Cham- bord, etc. After having visited the Conservatory in every way, leave the place by the door facing the one through which you came in; it will lead you to the Palmarium, a new structure where fine con- certs are given and where a very select restaurant is estab- lished. The Avenue de I’Opera is un- doubtedly the finest avenue in Paris, owing principally to the elegance and richness of its stores, the special care be- stowed by the municipality upon its broad driveway and sidewalks, and also on account of its beautiful and costly apartments, commanding the highest rental in Paris, and f;;om whose balconies the view embraces the splendor of this incomparable thoroughfare in its fuHncss. Speeding slowly over the last stretch of the Hudson River, with the metropolis and its giraffe-like sky-scrapers on the left, while on the right the State of New Jersey unfolds a panorama of intercepted heights and swamps dignifiedly called meadows , you suddenly enter the inner bay, leaving on your right the Statue of Liberty, fruitlessly Enlightening the World ; a few turns of the screw and you have reached the straight dividing Long Island from Staten Island, and which leads into the incomparable bay of New York proper, thence through the Narrows— passing the Quarantine, with Coney Island, Rockaway and Long Beach successively on your left, and the imposing Highlands of Navesink on your forward right, you finally pass through the Sandy Hook HOW TO SEE PARIS ALONE 9 channel, the gateway to the ocean, where the steamer is given rein after dismissing the pilot.


We give the rates of each, leaving the traveller to make a choice in due time and thus avoid all possible disappointment. Ti’cs bon fonctionneinrnt des aFPai’cils. Michel fountain, where a group of bronze represents St. The Prefet chief has his residential quarters in the building. The statues between the windows are those of celebrated men.

The twelve bas-reliefs represent the most memorable epochs in the history of the French Republic. Stepping again into your carriage, and continuing your promenade on the quays bordering the City Hall, you will perceive on the same side the equestrian statue of Etienne Marcel, a rather martial arrangement for a provost of the Paris merchants in the XlVth century.

Venus with the Dove. This is explained, not alone by the fact that the American public knows how to appreciate the comfortable existence one has on board the French steamers, but also because the French line is the Company which lands its passengers but four hours distant from Paris. A special chapter Chapter VI is devoted to the description of each and every monument, with a view of enabling the tourist to visit at leisure those which may interest him more particu- larly.

First, the balcony bordering on the gardens. The hour,2j2 ” Maximum Ri.

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Les cochers devront marcher auxprix et conditions du tarif: The main alley, which di- verges to the right and left, enables the visitor to embrace the full scope of the landscape at his first promenade. Tariv art matters it is about the same as in love affairs — the personal bias is omnipotent.

The Hotel d’Albe, No. When the number of guests exceeds the seating capacity, two dinners are successively served. Hotels generally will change wtampes money, but they charge more than the brokers. One of the most agreeable cineam on board is to remain on deck, contemplating the immensity of the ocean, and in turn pursue the reading of an interesting book.


Dans les voitures a strapontin, celui-ci compte pouruneou deux places, suivant ses di- mensions. V oiture de Place a. The rigging and tools which served to its transport and its erection in France, figure upon the pedestal. Entrainant un detour Courses extra-mu- ros, de gre a gre.

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Subscription; Paris, three months, 3 frs. It prints 20, copies, and its sub- scribers are principally among the educated and rich classes of the whole world. Your excellent guide, your Cicerone International, which is a sort of pocket edition of Paris, will be tariif as much in the future as to-day. You can buy at the ship’s well-stocked library English and French works.

From the beginning we find, on the left, surrounded by the green lawns of the Luxembourg, the Senate Chamber.

In carriages with a folding seat strapontiiithe lat- ter is reckoned as one or two seats, ac- cording to its size.

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An inner staircase leads to the top of the column. At both there is a special Wine List. My advice is to take with you merely the sum necessary to defray the day’s expenses, depositing the bulk in the hotel safe, and taking a receipt for the same.

They must, if requested by their fare, show the certificate cf their ftampes.

Cannes, Nice, Menton, Monaco. If you do not speak French, you should give the driver the name and rotknde of the hotel in writing.

Les cochers devront remettre sponta- nement un bulletin indicatif du numero et du tarif de leur voiture a.