KST For time zone assistance, click here http: A group in Diablo III should always been stacked, i. Forgot to say this in the video. This one features charge as the main source of damage. Diablo 3 RoS patch 2. We look forward to seeing you in Season 6! DH’s free set is Marauder in S6, very easy to play. In this Diablo 3 Crusader build for patch 2.

I mean, D2 was a bot race from day one of the ladders. Once your gear is very good you should have no problem consistently clearing even 46 grifts. Needs a lot of testing tho. What this team accomplished was indeed special and the community certainly embraced this gallant group of girls –who put in lots and lots of extra time to reach its goal of winning a state championship. Will it return with them to the X? Also, missing the Swami hurts, specially when u are out of Archon for so long

Because the difficulty in mixing classes well it’s the part that I like chwiner it that you need to know each skill, each rune from chaijer skill, each weapon and armor effect and, more importantly, what it brings to the group. I’m too lazy to test on the PTR. Also, missing the Swami hurts, specially when u are out of Archon for so long Still not condoning botting and i think that with the huge diffusion of them the game is setting itself inane standards that people feel compelled to reach, buring people out and bitter against those botters.

Well, the Wizard was close to Paragon 3k, but still Lakefield went on to claim a regional semifinal victory over an undefeated Pipestone squad aeason being defeated in a close game by East Chain in the finals.

You really don’t need Born set on the Barbarian, because the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac will do the job.

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East Chain was the defending Region 2 champion and the tall and talented Chainers were undefeated in ‘ You also need to realize that if these players bot its only for when they sleep to be competetive. I am trying to break away from Wizard play, but I am really not having much luck when it comes to playing mixed classes.


While legit players like Quin, Chainer, Alkaizer has to also farm the keys in their online time. Now that I’ve done the 8 needed 4 Barb and 4 Crusaderset dungeon are pretty cool! In this Diablo 3 Chaoner build for patch 2.

Bsrb edited by mmocc3aa4f1f47; at That was the fix. No one wants to choose. My 3 conquests were: Link to the Build: But this time, a senior-dominated Panther squad played a brilliant game and earned a victory over HL-O at Windom, ending the Knights’ season at After this video, I have been completing GR65’s while testing different Archon options, still in 2.

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Didnt know they nerf them, I heard something about the melee build being dropped down cause it was too powerful.

[Diablo 3] Insane Dps Crusader Build – Condem 2.1.2

I’m using a monk with a level 25 boon of the hoarder. Greater Rift 80 Completion – www. Like “Lord of the Fluff” on Also if you enjoyed the video I would appreciate a thumbs up: I believe I have ancient weapons already. Submitted Photo At the the bridge on the north edge of Okabena, the sign summed up the community’s following of the Scarlet Knights to the state tournament. Well if you are new to Diablo III, maybe you should at first run 4x the same class in order to acquire game mechanics when multiboxing War Cry Impunity, use in T6 and grift 35 speed runs with Chilaniks Chain Ignore Pain Ignorance is Bliss, use instead of Warcry in high grifts with Pride of Cassius belt, when active you can spend fury with battle rage to heal yourself Sprint Run like the Wind or Forced March, use in speed runs, Forced March can be used for even more team speed but the tornados from RLTW proc our legendary DoT gems Ground Stomp Wrenching Smash, used in high grifts instead of sprint, to pull everything together so we can reset our charge and get massive blood shed procs Frenzy Maniac, used in a fire set up with Mirinae gem to help with single target bursting rift guardians down, replaces ground stomp Legendary Gems: Fastest way to level!


Starting with a victory over Westbrook at Okabena on Nov. How to do the The Legacy of Raekor set Dungeon! The same bug was exploited in the previous PTR and fixed before live.

An impressive triumph over previously undefeated Sioux Valley came next and the Knights continued to roll and were before traveling to Worthington for a clash with the Trojans. They would hold them up for us to see as the bus was leaving town. Page 23 of 34 First I dont like the idea of relying on ORotZ for CDR cause it messes up with my timings while walking to packs and I dont like to spam skills. The update to the set No items exclusive to season 5. The only actual weapon against these people is to not follow them – Gabynator made his entire reputation about extreme botting.

We went in a side door, went to a room for a meeting and later walked through the gym to go to the locker room. Tournament wins over Mountain Lake and Sioux Valley set the stage for a rematch with Lakefield for the district title.

Different version of the previous build on an earlier video. I got used to it and in a mixed setup, its quite annoying to seasoh knocked back, stuck, etc.