Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. Pleng Ruk Baan Nah Release date: Om is also HOT!!! Bundai Dok Ruk Stair to Love. They both are attacked by blood-sucking bat and they are cursed to be immortal. Edit this Page Edit Information.

A little mishap occurred that caused Tupe to believe that Krachao is a terrible woman. There’s the reason making them work together and their relationship begin to develop. TubbyTinker , Jan 5, I’m so excited for this. Anyone know the air date yet? I’m so happy that Pol’s hair is short.

Bundai Dok Ruk Country: All i really care is double Om is all i want. Yes, my password is: There have been no recommendations submitted.

I’m so happy that Pol’s hair is short. Love the name play, Thup means incense and Tian means candle.

[Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

I’m excited to watch this too but I have a feeling Sammie’s character is going to be more interesting to watch than Min’s. Your name or email address: I hope they don’t give him weak and childish part, like in Silamanee. Ruk Nai Marn Mek Also known as: Om looks so handsome. Share This Page Tweet. You can say nang’ek’s mother has an inferiority complex towards her ex-husband’s new wife. As he uses himself as a physical barrier between Tian and Kachao, Thup starts to fall for this silly woman whose only dream is to marry a rich man and she falls for him too.


Traipoom, Prawet’s son decides to follow his father’s intention by trying to look for the lost treasures and take them back to the cave. ChenrukNoteJan 8, She feared losing her house, losing her fortune, she ordered her son Pada to come back and marry Nong Sai immediately.

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At first i thought she was Min. Kachao’s mother is a bitter woman and a drunk, who has trained her only daughter to care about one thing, to find a rich man, then marry him in order to raise their family’s status above that of Chitchai’s new rich wife Jay Pintong. Kha Khong Kun Personal’s value.

Hong Fah Year: There have been no reviews submitted. Bundai Dok Ruk Year: Pla Boo Thong Year: Thup is kinda annoyed with Tian’s care-free style, Tian cares more about having fun than work.

Bundai Dok Ruk

TubbyTinkerJan 4, Her voice is annoying, but I can’t wait to watch this lakorn! Prawet wants to do it, but Jit doesn’t agree with his brother. There’s the reason making them work together and their relationship begin to develop.

Even when a young flight officer Samit Kanjonrat “TengNeung” Kritnagan Maneepagaphan fell in love with her, she rejected him to remain true to Pada. TubbyTinkerJan 5, Om is also HOT!!! Be the first to create a discussion for Bundai Dok Ruk. Krachao caves in and decides to go to work where Meegrob is working when she found out that the family have a single son!


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There’s only the Dragon knife missing. Crite ni best sbb ade unsur lawak yang menggelikan hati jgak.

Log in or Sign up. Dome as a vampire in this drama. Newer Post Older Post Home. That knife can help Traipoom be free from immortality.

Tian is a good guy, a man who likes to have fun, and he is somewhat of a player. When her husband left her, she turned to alcohol for solace and started training her daughter to aim ‘high’ for a bundaj husband.

Min and Sammie both look so beautiful too. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. Pla Boo Thong Ch. The brothers don’t get along, Tian resents Thup for the pride of their parents and for being awesome at everything. Yamaha Fino CM Min: He tries in every way to get in between Krachao and Tupe in order to protect his little brother. Posted by nuramirasaidin at Thailand drama is the best if were to compare with msia’s production