Gayatri tells her friends that she would carry the flowers to her house. Gayatri’s friends tell her that they have given Kimo her address so that he can talk to her father asking permission for the dance auditions. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. While doing the dance rehearsal, Kimo finds out that Gayatri is not attentive while dancing. Watch the episode for more details. Eka Lagnachi Teesri Goshta is the story of a young boy and a girl of today having their own aspirations and expectations from life; brought together in an unconventional situation. Later, Sadashiv tells his daughter Gayatri that she should have informed him her real wish.

He asks Kartik about his presence. Kartik approaches Gayatri and apologizes for his behavior. Gayatri replies him that she didn’t want him to be humiliated in public. Watch the episode for more details. Later, Kartik comes to know, through his sister, that Gayatri is daughter of Sadashiv. Yusufbhai calls Sadashiv and threatens him on phone. Suddenly, Gayatri’s father Sadashiv comes to the college and probes Kartik about his presence in the campus. Kartik kneels down to help her collect the scattered books.

Sadashiv tells Mohite about the threat calls he is receiving and shows him an envelope given to Gayatri by an unknown person.

Ase He Kanyadan – Episode – June 23, – Best Scene – video dailymotion

Kimo tells Kartik that he gave hundred roses to Gayatri. Kimo offers his support to Kartik in his endeavor to impress Gayatri. Kartik talks rudely to Gayatri and asks her to not play the fool with him. Kartik steps in and requests Sadashiv to not remove his hoardings.

When Gayatri tells her brother that she actually wanted to take part in the dance competition, she finds that her father listening to her.

She explains her family members that she came late as she went to help an old lady who met with an accident. On the other hhe, Gayatri’s mother and brother worry as Gayatri does not return home. Gayatri responds to him that she does not want to participate the competition.


In the evening, Sadashiv shares the day’s happenings with his family members. Kimo announces Gayatri to be the Rose Queen. She informs her friends about seriao same. While having dinner, after realizing about Rose Day celebrations, Sadashiv expresses his concerns regarding celebrating it.

Gayatri’s friends call her in a classroom. Gayatri uncomfortably replies Kartik that she xse not have any feelings for him. They suggest her eerial take strict action against Kartik. After the dance performances Kimo announces Gayatri to be the lead dancer. The Dance Bar owner comes to Sadashiv Kirtane’s office and tries to threaten him. Piyu meets Kartik and asks him about the incidence. Sadashiv goes back to his room and expresses his fillings to his wife that his children lie to him as they fear him.

Gayatri wonders how he came to know about her troubles. Gayatri looks at the roses gifted by Kartik and wonders if she too likes him. Gayatri’s friends Maitreyi and Piyu come to her house for the sleepover and chat with her mother. Yusufbhai calls Sadashiv and elisode him on phone. He requests him to allow Rajhans Textiles to keep the illegal hoarding as it is.

Kartik meets Maitreyi and tells her that he was mistaken in Gayatri’s case. However, Sadashiv refuses to accept Kartik’s plea. Sadashiv however demands to the Principal to call police. Gayatri tells Kartik that she is not interested in him and he must stop chasing seril.

Ase He Kanyadan – Episode 23 – Best Scene

Kimo congratulates her for her dancing skills. Sadashiv’s wife asks him why he is hiding his worries from his children. Finally, Kimo halts the rehearsals for the day. Gayatri tells her friends that she finds resemblance between Kartik and her father.

Kimo Khan is anxious as he is not able to find any good dance performer in Gayatri’s college. Sadashiv asks his wife why epiisode is upset. On the other hand, Sadashiv and his wife start worrying as their daughter Gayatri does not return home on time. Later, Kimo announces everyone in the dance group that he would give them a topic and they need to perform extempore dancing. He warns his mother that if she informs the stealing incidence to his father, he would leave the home.


He asks Kartik about his presence. The person goes out from Sadashiv’s office dissatisfied and later calls to his master for help.

However, Sadashiv discards his recommendation. Gayatri hurriedly exits the scene but forgets to collect her identity card. Once Mohite comes to Gayatri’s house, he asks her about the incidence. Gayatri advices her brother to always be truthful. Kartik hands over his card to Gayatri and tells rpisode to contact him if she needs help epixode the evenings. Kimo not only prohibits her from eh home but also challenges her to impress the impromptu judge Kartik by her dance performance.

Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Gayatri asks him for apology. Gayatri and Maitreyi requests Piyu to meet Kartik and find out what he discussed with Gayatri’s father.

On the other hand, Kartik comes to Gayatri and offers her lost identity card. Watch the episode for more details. His wife advices him to allow Tejas to practice Cricket. When Sadashiv Kirtane slaps a boy in the college campus, Kartik steps in and asks Sadashiv to not interfere in his college affairs. Will Sadashiv e;isode to getting his beloved daughter married to Kartik, who is completely opposite of Sadashiv?

Matreyi and Piyu meet Gayatri’s father Sadashiv. Kartik informs her about the occurrence. While dancing, Gayatri loses her concentration repeatedly.