Complete Seasons Episode 6 without the Mighty Eagle. A spin off game, in which you play as the pigs, was also released called Bad Piggies. You are a Star. On top of the third tower – Just shoot it with any bird. Completed Year of the Dragon 38 Smash Ice Blocks.

Complete Seasons Episode 7 without the Mighty Eagle. Completed Birdday Party 37 There are 7 themed groups of levels. Unlocking and finishing all of them will give you these two high-ratio beauties: It’s no small task, and many of the hardest levels in the game are now behind you. Complete all 23 Golden Egg levels, then it’s time for Seasons. At this point, my total birds launched was at a staggering , and I’m honestly quite glad the stats screen spared me of having to know my total game time.

Completed Surf and Turf 40 Completed Cherry Blossom 38 Smash Wooden Blocks. Rio is a lot easier than Classic and Seasons, so you should breeze through most of it. Egg Guru 35 Prepare to occasionally wake up in the middle of the night though, screaming after a nightmare about Rovio announcing new DLC As stated before, I will for this walkthrough assume your route through the games will be Classic, Seasons, Rio keeping in mind the Golden Egg Glitch if you are patchlessbut feel free to deviate from that if you want.

Completed Season’s Greedings 56 The player uses a slingshot to launch them at pigs that are on or in different structures.


In Angry Birds Seasons there are levels inspired by holidays or seasons. Completed Birdday Party 37 Collect all Golden Wrenches in Classic Episode 8. After 5 levels you will get: Completed Beach Volley 46 Animated Puzzles Star Win 10 Guide. Splash of Flavor 26 You are a Superstar.

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Eable Angry Bird Bottom right – Hit the TNT on top of the wrench with any bird to get this one. Completed Hogs and Kisses. Don’t hesitate to Google a specific level if you’re stuck either, there are usually a few YouTube videos out there to help you along. Complete Seasons Episode 1 without the Mighty Eagle.

Egg Master Complete Seasons Episode 5 without the Mighty Eagle.

Completed Back to School 40 Head into Classic, and fire up the first episode. Completed Smugglers’ Plane 54 Briquid Mini WP Guide. Smash Ice Blocks.

Here is a little bit of an index for you to work from: Complete all Episodes without the Mighty Eagle. Completed Jungle Escape 43 Make birds swim. Complete all Golden Egg levels. Gravel Factory 49 Special Edition Win 8 Guide. Top right – All you have to liglantis for this is make the right gravel tower shake enough so the big pig rolls off onto the wrench. Get 3 stars in all levels in an episode. There are 20 wrenches in total, but this list is ordered by level numbers, so don’t get confused seasoms that.

Rovio Mobile has supported their games with many free updates that add more features and levels.


Angry Birds Seasons

If you do decide to play them, use this moghty to help you with the 3-starring: Oh well, I hope you enjoyed the walkthrough. Bottom – Focus on destroying the main building, and precision bomb the wrench with the white bird if needed.

If you’ve made it this far, go book a flight to Hawaii or something, you could probably use some rest. Complete Seasons Episode 14 without the Mighty Eagle.

Completed Mooncake Festival 58 Still, you should have it by the end of the episode.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are 7 themed groups of levels. The trick is to destroy as much as possible of the right side of the level with your birds, while trying your best to keep the little rocks on the bounce strip where they are, or at least not too far to the right of the bottom of the strip.

Completed Trick or Treat 50 There is only one Golden Egg to be found onbut instead you’ll have to collect 15 hidden fruits in each episode. So let’s get going.