Human Rights Watch also called on African leaders to ensure that all allegations of indiscriminate bombardment of civilian neighbourhoods of Mogadishu – including by troops from the AU Mission in Somalia – are promptly, transparently, and impartially investigated by independent experts operating under the mandate of the AU’s Peace and Security Council. A service provided by. People need to understand why they should really participate, because this is after all a participatory process. Sections of this page. Becoming a digital humanitarian, one deployment at a time Nine years ago, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, and I was among many looking for meaningful ways to help, albeit from far away. In the early hours of April 9, , unidentified assailants raided Manirumva’s home and stabbed him to death. There is ample evidence that he had been repeatedly threatened and intimidated by Congolese authorities as a result of his work. The Burundian government under President Pierre Nkurunziza has displayed a troubling penchant for violence.

A little more than a year before, in neighboring Burundi, the killing of Ernest Manirumva, a local anti-corruption activist, raised similar suspicions. We have to move forward, and we can’t really move forward when we still have , people in prison, when we have thousands and thousands of orphans and widows who are still thirsty for justice. The Front Line Defenders also want authorities to ensure that the pair doesn’t suffer any ill-treatment while in their custody. Becoming a digital humanitarian, one deployment at a time Nine years ago, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, and I was among many looking for meaningful ways to help, albeit from far away. Chebeya was the executive director of one of Congo’s largest and most respected human rights organizations, the Voix des Sans Voix Voice of the Voiceless , which regularly exposed abuses by the country’s security services and government over many years. In addition, the treaty establishing the East African Community allows free movement within the region for citizens of its member states. If they are harassed, the people without a voice suffer the repercussions. They should be allowed to continue their legitimate activities in an environment free from fear and intimidation.

On Huuman 11, security forces arrested two prominent women’s rights defenders who, for years, had been conducting an effective campaign against Female Genital Mutilation FGM and other harmful practices.


Africa Rights Day: Halting Threats Against Rights Defenders is a Top Priority

Under the circumstances, Human Rights Watch said, it is unlikely the elections will be habimama, fair, and transparent, as required by the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance. Front Line Defenders welcomes the release of its staff member, who is known around the continent for his decades of work in defence of human rights. Nkurunziza, after illegally extending his rule with a controversial third term, has seemingly abandoned all pretences of respecting human rights.

He and others detained in Burundi must not be denied their liberty for yuman longer. To achieve peace and security, African governments should work toward justice, particularly in their treatment of human rights advocates.

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Aloys has worked with the Irish organisation since as Protection Coordinator for its work with activists at risk in Africa. But when you do work like what we are doing here, if you lose hope, you cannot really work. The three human rights defenders were honoured today during a ceremony in Geneva. Just last year, President Yaya Jammeh lashed out at rights defenders and their “collaborators” and even threatened them with death: How to submit content.

AU Summit: Focus on Human Rights Consequences of Conflicts

Published on 22 Jan Chebeya’s body was found in his car on June 1, just hours after he had visited police headquarters in Kinshasa. There is one proverb that says: Gambian authorities have in the past announced that they would not guarantee alkys safety of activists who campaign against FGM.

DefendDefenders urges Burundian authorities to recognise the important work of human rights defenders and refrain hjman harassing them. Nine years ago, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, and I was among many looking for meaningful ways to help, albeit from far away. Recent Post by Page.

Share this article Facebook. When we talk about issues such as reconciliation, there is one precondition that must be met to just say that we have made one step, and this is truth telling.

Human rights defenders like him work to ensure that others can enjoy their fundamental rights and freedoms. Learn more about ReliefWeb. On a continent that has had its share of the worst tragedies, including colonialism, apartheid, war, and genocide, the proposition that “Realizing human rights is a key to achieving sustainable peace” is well worth remembering.


Marino Cordoba is a community leader fighting for the rights of the Afro—Colombians, as well as other marginalised groups. Time for the ICC to lean in and listen to victims of atrocity crimes. The situation in the West African country of The Gambia is no better. He has been trapped in the Australian offshore immigration system on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, since Octoberalong with hundreds of other refugees and asylum seekers.

Please give now to support our work. Sincere appreciation for everyone’s solidarity. Habimana has spent a lifetime fighting for others. New York, January 22, – The African Union AU should improve its strategies for civilian protection and accountability in its efforts to end ongoing crises on the continent, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to AU heads of states.

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The ball is now in the court of our leadership and of our civil society. Submit Content Share information through ReliefWeb to better inform humanitarians worldwide.

Aloys Habimana – Legal Advisor – Africa

Wisely, forthe African Union chose to highlight the link between peace and the realization of human rights. Rwanda as a country needs to know about what happened during the genocide, who planned the genocide and who executed it — and, of course, to go beyond that stage and really understand why people took machetes and went against others. Journalists for Justice has asserted its right to be recognized as creators and owners of the content here.

The unlawful arrest and detention of two Kenyan defenders who were representing suspects in the July 11 Kampala bombing is a case in point. Habimana has monitored the Rwandan court system since Months have gone by, yet the circumstances of Chebeya’s death remain unclear and those responsible have yet to face justice.