Or am I better off with a different idea? Gale, Thanks for your discussions; it helps educate all of us. Top speed still to be tested with skier etc. Good grip but lots of bow lift when the live well is full. To date I have only done one test with the prop and its holeshot appeared fantatsic. How did the boat feel compared to the Tempest?

This durable prop provides amazing hole shot, mid range punch and top-end speed with enhanced boat handling and fuel economy. Hi Phil, Thanks for your question and information regarding your set up. The Bravo I XS works awesome with your set up. The current prop is a 23 pitch High 5 with a manualjack plate and high mounted engine. The added length should eliminate the loping. Will this motor handle the 20p bravo 1 fs. It was way too small, so I sold it. The 22 Bravo 1 XS gave me great hole shot and very strong top end with full tournament loads in the boat.

I think the consistency in these props is bad from one to another. Will this motor handle the 20p bravo 1 fs. The Lab Finishing makes the Seriws 4 too costly and the durability is not as great because the leading edges and blades are thinned. Hope this is of some use to someone.

It depends on the dd, but typically the maximum height is the third hole from the top. Will the Bravo xs help and which pitch do you recommend.

To date I have only done one test with the prop and its holeshot appeared fantatsic. Hi Troy, What kind of boat and engine do you have and how can I help you? The 28 Bravo I XS may be too high of pitch. Hole shot — mid-range punch or top-end speed. The opposite would happen if used on tufyf four stroke, cavitation here would cause blow-out during planing.


Thanks for considering the Bravo I XS. I fish tournaments up in Alberta. A 3-blade prop such as the Tempest can increase bow lift and, with some boats, enhance top-end speed. The tests were completed with a full fuel tank, tournament gear all compartments full and two anglers in the boat, each weighing approximately lbs.

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The prop gave the boat more bow lift and a better hole shot. Top speed still to be tested with skier etc. All this while matching the top-end speeds you are seeing with the Tempest.

The leading edge of the blades on a stock Bravo I are blunt for enhanced durability.

2000 Tuffy walleye pro series boat and motors – $10500 (Berlin wi)

It all depends on the application and what you want to get out of it. Very sluggish compared to my Tempest.

Profitez de votre bateau, Scott. Is a Rev 4 the right choice?

Thanks for all your input! It depends on how your boat performs under light and heavy loads. What is your performance at WOT?

Top end with the Tempest I have a 21 Tempest doing 54 to 55 mph rpm about to Bravo XS 22 55d air temp 69d wtr temp It was pretty windy but back to back tests in like conditions gives me an apples to apples test.


If you raise the engine one hole or. I had time to set the jackplate up and performance is as follows.

Although the current there is super slow right now. The Rev 4 produces stern lift, for an improved seriew, but with a speed penalty. Next, boat set up and propping is constantly evolving. Moving up to the fourth hole could be the point where the gearcase no longer lifts the bow and the prop begins to slip.

Boy, I really want to take delivery osorey this prop on. This is with a 22P Tempest Plus.

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If you want to test at the higher level — run your current prop first record your engine rpm. Thanks for any info. Should be taking delivery on Thursday I hope. The exhaust tube of the Bravo I XS in these applications can cause drag in addition stern lift lowering the top number.

Yamaha Pro Series 23 Alone and fully loaded — You may have already done this but — if not — consider testing with the engine height increased. Start at the xc edge of the blade through the middle, working out to the trailing edge — including the cup. Full blade cup enhances bow lift while the full-length exhaust tube creates stern lift.